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Secure International Forwarding

With over 60 years of working experience in international forwarding, we partner with reputable independent carriers, agents and sub-contractors to oversee the secure transport of cargo to and from international destinations.


Our airfreight division is dedicated to urgent and time-sensitive airfreight solutions, providing the expertise needed to meet the demands of airfreight management. Our carefully selected local and international partnerships with airlines and other service providers ensure cost-effective and efficient service to the airfreight importer or exporter.

Specialist Personnel

All documentation and freight bookings are handled by our service driven personnel – experienced in the procedures and requirements of all types exports by sea freight and airfreight.

A Service-driven Network

By using a strong, service-driven network of independent agents our team monitors to ensure the safe, efficient delivery of international sea and air cargo while keeping in contact with you, the cargo owner.

We are able to negotiate the best possible rates from shipping lines, airlines and other freight forwarding associates.

Customs Clearing

Our vast knowledge of Customs clearance is of great value to customers. We undertake the clearing of cargo through all Customs procedures, acquiring authorisations and paying duties and taxes on behalf of importers and exporters.

Customs clearances processed by our experienced personnel, are completely computerised – streamlining operational activities and strengthening overall control.

Online Access to Cargo Status

Our clearing operations give you immediate online access to the status of your cargo clearances, bypassing time-consuming enquiries into your shipment’s progress.

Through our advanced computer system we access details covering each stage of the clearance process, enabling managers to monitor all your consignments closely.


Bonded & Duty Paid

To give you the full availability of freight services, we have contracted warehousing divisions to handle the receiving, packing and unpacking of import or export cargo as well as the storage and delivery of cargo, using a fleet of owner driven vehicles.


In addition, the bonded warehouse facilities provide you with the option of only paying duties when your goods leave the bond store. This important service is available to optimise your cash flow and inventory management.

Transportation & Deliveries

We are contracted to specialized fleet of container vehicles, trucks, vans and other delivery vehicles.


Streamlined Delivery Schedules

All vehicles are fitted with a digital satellite monitoring system which enables us to remotely supervise all deliveries and empty container returns, allowing for optimised and streamlined delivery schedules.

We are able to store containers over nights and weekends, ensuring greater efficiency and saving time on cargo delivery.

Project Logistics

Effective Project Solutions

At Trasmedit the project transport chain starts with detailed planning, followed by documentation and operational execution of transport of heavy or oversize shipments worldwide.


Project delivery is always a tailored service

Projects require tailor-made solutions, and our experience in scheduling and material management offers our clients the most efficient solutions. Our network of international agents provides strong links throughout the whole transport chain. We are familiar with the use of special transport equipment; we understand the official regulations and customs formalities. All this helps to ensure project delivery according to schedule.

Transmedit offers the following project transports:

  • special transports by road and rail (overdimensional)
  • heavy loads
  • air transports
  • vessel chartering
  • short sea services
  • large quantity shipments of standard goods (full loads/trailers)
  • project management
  • loading and unloading services
  • supervision
  • warehousing and packing
  • forwarding services